13th July Virtual Event

AI-Champions BW 2022

The award ceremony from Baden-Württemberg to the World.

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AI-Champions BW 2022


From Baden-Württemberg to the World

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future’s key technology. AI applications are continuously becoming more and more important for the economy as well as for solving global societal challenges.

Baden-Württemberg is developing constantly to a pioneer for AI on a national, a European, as well as a global level and continues to strengthen its role as Germany's engine of innovation. Numerous outstanding examples of “AI made in Baden-Württemberg” prove the potential that the State has.

In order to demonstrate this potential, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg launched the "AI Champions Baden-Wuerttemberg" competition already in 2020.

This year, nine AI champions from Baden-Württemberg will be awarded on July 13, 2022. Take part and register now!


Learn more about the Award and the past years’ nominees here

„We need AI Champions who seek to change the world for the better using AI BUT also who use all the necessary tools throughout their organisation and processes to ensure the AI is being designed, developed and used responsibly, otherwise they will not achieve their objective.“

Kay Firth- Butterfield

„The Metaverse takes us a step forward toward the holy grail for AI: Context. Vast semantic data collection including; behaviour mapping, conversations, health factors and even human emotions are extractable from the Metaverse, but this data collection could further extend the biases and exclusion in our societies. Great opportunities await, and strong regulations will be essential.“

Richard Foster-Fletcher


Recording Award Ceremony 2022

Impressions of the Award Ceremony of July 13, 2022

AI-Champions 2022

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